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  • Using the Forum Effectively

    As we are making a concerted effort to make the Hull Forum the best local forum, we have made a few guidelines so that you, the user, can help improve that experience for others too.

    Please take a few minutes to read these helpful tips on making our forum a clean, easy-to-use site for everyone.

    First and foremost, it is important to remember that a forum is for Public use, and the content should be as inclusive as possible.

    Forum Etiquette

    1) One Thread Per Topic
    When posting on a subject, take a look through the forums first to see if your subject already has a thread. If it does, add your post to the pre-existing thread rather than starting a new one.
    This helps to keep the forums organised and easy to navigate.

    2) Keep Threads on Topic
    Try not to deviate too much from the thread title (unless its a general chat thread). If a new subject pops into your head whilst posting, post it on the relevant thread or start a new one!

    3) Keep Thread Names Relevant
    When naming your thread, try to make it relevant to what the thread is about!
    This makes it easier for new users who are browsing the forums for particular topics.

    4) Keep Posts in Their Correct Areas
    When posting a new thread, try to keep it in the area that it will be more easily found, or where it will have the most impact. If it is about Hull, post in the Hull forum. If it is more general, post in the general forum. If you have a question about the forum, or need help, post in the support forum.

    5) Threads Are For the Public
    Please try not to aim threads at particular members by name. This can alienate new members, and make the forum seem 'cliquey'. If you wish to get the attention of a specific member- private message them or leave a visitor message on their profile.
    Try to make threads inclusive of all members for public discussion!
    Last edited by andiec; 29th March 2014, 10:42:59.
    I don't suffer from insanity.
    I enjoy every minute of it...

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    Well spoken Andiec I for one agree with all you have said and will endeavour to abide by your guidelines . I am printing a copy off .


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      One further point to your post , can I make a suggestion , Even in simple terms the Forum as with anything that is displayed in text can be a bit difficult to understand and I am probably one of the worlds worst at understanding the modern computer phrases and jargon . Is it a possible to have members helping each other as indeed has happened here on the odd occasion - guiding the members into the correct headings - I have not taken offence at this ,in fact I extend my thanks . It is that bit difficult to land on the precise heading when sending a new post !


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        terry- i shall do what i can to help you!
        as a forum moderator, its what im here for

        please dont take offence if you find any your threads
        or posts have been moved- its just a bit of a spring
        clean were having. nothings been deleted, but you
        will find that multiple threads on the same subject
        will be 'merged'. so they will all appear in one
        thread but still in chronological order

        it should be easier to keep on top of things on a
        day-to-day basis now too, now we have the guidelines.

        dont worry too much if something ends up in the
        wrong place- i have the means to rectify it!
        I don't suffer from insanity.
        I enjoy every minute of it...


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          Andiec - I am not worried I know it is in safe hands and I have much - too much to learn so help is welcome , But I did not know until now that you are a Forum Moderator - good for you ! ! I will do my best to toe the line .


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            lol...ive always been a moderator terry, but due to
            issues such as my phone etc, ive never had the full
            quota of controls at my disposal!

            once admin became aware of that, it was rectified
            I don't suffer from insanity.
            I enjoy every minute of it...


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              Brilliant ! !


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                Excellent write there, Andie, and it will be very useful to any new members :thumbsup:


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                  members may have noticed the forums looking a bit
                  strange over the last day or two.
                  you may have noticed quite a few threads now say
                  'moved' next to them.

                  this is because a number have threads have either
                  been: a) merged together with other threads on the
                  same subject or b) moved to other more suitable
                  areas of the forum.

                  when we do this, the thread remains in its original
                  location as a 'redirect', aswell as appearing in its
                  new location.

                  now that we have done the bulk of the forum tidying,
                  its time to get rid of the redirects. it will leave us with
                  a much tidier, easy to navigate forum!!

                  remember- no threads were deleted during the clean
                  up. if you cant find something in, for instance, Hull
                  Chat, try looking in General .

                  it wont have gone far
                  I don't suffer from insanity.
                  I enjoy every minute of it...


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                    Very well written and sensible. I'll do my best. I know I wander a bit at times, a bad habit I admit.

                    I think most folk who have posted in this forum do fairly well, which is why I come back from time to time.