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    Call me a Dumbo I have been on and the computer for probably about 6/7 years [ I did start from scratch however] but what is the difference between a thread and a Post ?

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    hi terry!

    im glad you asked this- youve said a few times lately
    how you sometimes get a bit lost on the forum?
    this will help you a lot!

    a 'post' is an item typed and submitted to the forum by
    an individual on a specific subject.
    a'thread' is the subject created by a member which other
    members will submit 'posts' to.

    if you submit several posts on the same subject, its forum
    etiquette to submit them into one subject 'thread'.

    if you create a new thread for every post you submit on
    the same subject, its harder for members and yourself to
    keep track of whats been said and replied to.

    if you create one subject 'thread' and then submit all
    posts about that subject to one single thread, its easier to
    keep track of and see all replies in one place.

    hope this has been helpful to you terry
    I don't suffer from insanity.
    I enjoy every minute of it...


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      Hi Andiec , You are right , I get a lot lost at times , thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction with threads and posts. I have printed it off .My problem probably comes from starting off knowing absolutely nothing and picking information up from text books and ' Computer Active ' magazine . Thank you again . Terry .