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Online street dance classes streamed from London:)

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  • Online street dance classes streamed from London:)

    Hello everyone Hope everyone is well!!

    Would you be interested in taking part in online street dance classes that are streamed from a London dance studio?

    The studio wants to introduce fairly cheap monthly subscription for the access to beginners classes streamed online (same classes that are taught in the London studio) which then will lead to (for those, who are interested) a dance retreat in Portugal over summer holidays gathering students from London classes and those from other parts in the UK doing the same programme, but online. The retreat in Portugal is there to 'clean' the steps everyone learned over the course of time and then to perform it on stage at the end of retreat.

    There is no obligation to go to Portugal though, it is for those, who would want to, and others might just prefer to do online classes only.

    In the meantime there is also time to socialise, make friends, sightsee, go to the beach etc.

    The studio has also strong motto of creating safe and supportive environment for people who love to dance, we don't accept any judgmental or catty behaviour within our London classes and so we will not accept it in the retreat. It is for everyone to know that if they come with us to Portugal, we will do everything to maintain the positive environment we create in London

    Sorry for lots of text! I would love to hear your thoughts guys!

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Anna x