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Which is the best pub in Hull?

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  • Which is the best pub in Hull?

    Who serves the best beer?

    Who has the best atmosphere?

    Where do you drink?

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    I love the Wellington Inn. Loads of varieties of beer and some good cider. I like the cloudy Belgium ones the best


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      Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I'll add that I enjoy visiting the Zachariah Pearson on Beverley Road lately.
      I drink real ale and this Wetherspoon's pub has most of them at 1.49 a pint at the moment!

      On another note, there is a Trog Bar reunion night at the Ship Inn, Ann Watson Street on 29th March. The original pub in George Street was one of the best pubs of its time in the early 1980's.


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        floyd- dont apologise for digging old threads up!!
        specially ones that hardly got off the ground like this-

        we could do with a few more reviving lol

        iv never been a huge socialiser (always skint, had kids youbg etcetc)
        but i do appreciate a pub on a good rock night.

        any suggestion??
        I don't suffer from insanity.
        I enjoy every minute of it...


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          The 'Round the Corner' pub on Spring Bank used to have bands on.
          CrossKeys near me, corner of Endike Lane also.
          The Bevvy on Beverley Road after the rugby on a Friday too.
          Sportsman bar on Hedon Road.
          Highway, Willerby Road.
          And there's always good old Adelphi.
          The Fruit is a very good venue. More of a club setting than a pub though.
          Naturally, ring and check first what's on.


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            One of my favourite pubs to spring up in the last couple of years is "Wm. Hawkes", opposite Manchester Arms in Scale Lane.
            The decor is very tastefully olde worlde and they keep out the troublemakers in the old town by only selling real ales and ciders. It's owned by the same businessman who runs The Lion & Key and Walters bar, also on Scale Lane.


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              I went to the Bay Horse down Wincolmlee last week. What a wonderful surprise that was, totally unexpected.


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                Not really been in a Pub for a long while ZaGsTaR , but I do remember the one down Ann Watson Street being a good one although small - They used to have a row of Domino tables down that right hand side as you go in , can't remember it's name ! No , it is a few years now since I went in one .


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                  The pub in Ann Watson Street is The Ship, as I mentioned a few posts earlier ^^^ .
                  By the way, I didn't get to the Trog Bar reuinion there last weekend. I Forgot all about it!

                  @Zagstar - It's ages since I went to the Bay Horse. I believe it's still a Batemans pub?
                  Can't beat real ale.

                  Anybody been to Wm. Hawkes in Scale Lane yet? A marvelous little old-fashioned establishment.


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                    For what it's worth, I once said to a taxi driver, like in the films, if you had picked me up at the station, as someone who had never before been here, and I asked you to take me to the best pub that you know: "Where would you take me?"

                    Unhesitatingly he offered, 'The Sailmakers Arms.' High Street.

                    I still haven't tried it!
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