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Which is the best night club in Hull?

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  • Which is the best night club in Hull?

    Hull's night life changes and migrates around the city, but we only have a few clubs.

    But which is the best? Where do you recommend? Where do you avoid?

    Which club is best for students? Which caters better for the people in their 30's?

    Who has the best nights? Add your thoughts
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    I'd be interested to hear of any venues catering for the odd 40 year old playing wall to wall 80's of an evening. Bring back Bali Hai!


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      lol i bet there is somewhere you know. i miss la's

      we alwats end up at sugar mill but it has alot to do with habbit i think. dont really do the other clubs to much. except if there is something good on


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        L.A's will always be carwash for me. They were wild week nights.

        Not sure about a club in Hull. They are all pretty commercial and the same. Welly is good for proper club nights, always try and make Shinobi. But it'snot the nicest club in the world. Position is too full of students etc for me. Used to love Sugar Mill when it was Waterfront. Number of times I've nearly fallen down those stairs is unreal.


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          I always loved Romeo and Juliets a little better than L.A's as they played the better music for me. I always remember me and me mate would go really early so we'd have the floor to ourselves for a bit then go over to the bar for a couple of pints of lager and lime.


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            huull used to be a better night out really didnt it