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    I may have posted something similar some years back but let me explain. For many years a lady we referred to as Aunty Lil, Lilian Muxlow, originally from Sheffield, lived with my grandparents in Reading, Berkshire. Although we called her 'Aunty' on reflection I do not think we were related. I remember her taking me to Hull back in the late 50's to visit her sister, Edith Jewsbury whose last known address was Myrtle Grove, Somerset Street, Hull. Of course Edith passed away some years back. Whilst at Hull we met two of Edith's granddaughters, Sandra & Norma. Sandra was the elder & I guess would be over 70 now & Norma was about my age (68) but may have been a bit younger. I remember Sandra visiting us in Berkshire with a friend a few years later.

    ​It would be good to get in touch again after all theses years so if you're reading this ladies, or if anyone knows their whereabouts please let me know.