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    Is The Hull Forum Still Operational ?

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    Hello Terry.

    I look in from time to time, and have occasionally submitted posts that I had hoped may be of interest to others.

    Very disappointing that no conversation appears to kick off on this forum, I had wondered if people are using it only for the 'Games Arcade', or as a what's on service for the Adelphi.

    I use a couple of forums associated with towns to which I have a connection, and thought that a city of this size would have lots of stuff that would generate interest.
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      Hi priscus , I think it is a waste of time either coming on to this
      Forum or expecting an answer if you do come on , It is nice to
      see a post but not good having to converse with either one person
      or two . It was a person by name of Andiec that was the moderator,
      but she seems to have given the job up .
      nice to talk to you priscus , regards . Terry .


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        just wanted to respond to this- I didn't give the job up as such, there was just nothing happening and therefore nothing to moderate.
        It got to a point last year where the forum only had three or four regular users, and then they left.

        A forum can only exist if it has users who are willing to submit topics for people to respond to.

        myself and the owner did everything we could at that time to make the forum work but it didn't seem to be what people wanted.
        I have taken a very back seat and let the forum take its natural course.
        I don't suffer from insanity.
        I enjoy every minute of it...