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    My - big words ! ! !


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      Thanks to both of you for this infornation. Your tireless ecclesiasticality impresses me. I'm greteful. I do keep updating my wife on this and she is amazed at the lengths you guys are going to. Thank you.
      It's funny how someone mentions something in passing and it escalates into a fully blown investigation. I'm sure my dad would have remembered the church well.


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        I'm quite certain that Peel Hall is still there, opposite Park Street traffic lights on Spring Bank. Whether it's still active as a place of worship or not I don't know. Spring Bank is a shell of it's former self and a virtual "no man's land" at night these days' as Beverley Road is.
        The Star & Garter is still a fullly functioning pub, albeit catering for the 'not-so-straight' clientielle these days. So I'm told.


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          okie kokie...

          went for a walk in the 'spot' st stephens church stood
          on.... no aura there im afraid
          its basically the garden area infront of the entrance to
          the shopping centre, near the tesco entrance

          if it was anywhere else a bit further away from there,
          it might have been quite nice- unfortunately it tends to
          be inhabited by men with cans of lager, with thecarpark
          overspill and shoppers pouring past.

          not a very tranquil place,and absolutely no indication
          anywhere of what used to be there.
          I don't suffer from insanity.
          I enjoy every minute of it...


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            Originally posted by Floyd64 View Post
            I'm quite certain that Peel Hall is still there, opposite Park Street traffic lights on Spring Bank. Whether it's still active as a place of worship or not I don't know.
            floyd- i think your confusing Peel Hall with
            another st stephens church, the one on the
            corner of Freehold Street opposite Park Street
            Peel Hall is much further up, halfway between
            park street and princes avenue on the corner
            of peel street.

            and its still very active
            I don't suffer from insanity.
            I enjoy every minute of it...


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              Cause it is, Andie.


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                A sad sign of the times when they couldn't retain at least a smidgen of St. Stephen's historical past.


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                  heres some more history of the building itself,
                  for anyone with a vivid imagination capable of
                  visualizing it! :-

                  " St. Stephen's Church, situated in the square of the same name, off Park Street, was erected in 1844. The building, which is entirely of cut stone, is in the Early English style of architecture, and consists of a nave, aisles, transepts, and an apse, or small chancel, with an elegant tower and spire at the west end which rises to a height of 200 feet. There are finely-arched doorways in the tower, divided into two compartments by cylinders, and surmounted by a series of small arches. Above these are lofty three-light louvre windows, which occupy the main portion; at the angles are graceful flying buttresses. The side walls are divided by buttresses, with pinnacles, and single-light windows, into four bays, and the gable ends of the transepts are surmounted by octagonal turrets. The interior is very neat. The aisles are separated from the nave by four arches on each side, supported by clustered, columns of stone, with moulded bases and capitals. There are spacious galleries at the west end of the church and in the transepts. Around the apse is an arcade of fifteen arches, occupied by the Decalogue, the Lord's Prayer, and Apostles' Creed, in illuminated characters. There is a fine organ in the west gallery, and in the tower a peal of eight bells, and an excellent clock with four dials and quarter chimes. The church seats 1,200 persons. The vicarage is in Park Street, adjoining the Hull and East Riding College. The schools are in Collier Street and Spring Street. The living is a vicarage, yearly value 300, in the gift of the vicar of Holy Trinity."

                  in comparison to a lot of churches which have stood
                  for centuries, this one only stood for a mere 111 years.
                  such a shame.
                  I don't suffer from insanity.
                  I enjoy every minute of it...


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                    Time Capsule!

                    oh my....
                    bit more digging, just found this article.


                    i would imagine that the people who buried this time
                    capsule thought the church would be standing for a
                    lot longer ... even more amazing that it would be
                    another 50 odd years before being discovered.

                    its a shame that the developers obviousley
                    decided not to make it part of an exhibition within
                    the centre.....
                    wonder where it went!?
                    I don't suffer from insanity.
                    I enjoy every minute of it...


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                      Andie , - may I call you Andie , Well spotted , makes most interesting reading . Yes it would have made an interesting centre piece or exhibition piece , I still have not found out if a placque of any kind was mounted within the centre . It might just be an idea to write to the centre manager ! There is far more history in St. Stephens church than most people realise . I am afraid I do not attend church , sadly only for weddings and funerals like most people , but I am interested in the architecture . The photographs you submitted are good , particularly the one of the church - It looks so much like St, Stephens . Out of interest there is a church near Goole - possibly in Whitgift (Possibly) that has thirteen points on it's clock instead of the usual twelve . I heard say that the reason behind this was to fox the enemy if ever we were invaded . The other point I must mention is - I see we now have two ' carot and orange ' haired ladies on our Forum , another super photo ! both identical colours - don't change it Andie .


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                        Hello all ,,I got drawn to this site when looking at Hulls historic railways,,and I was kind off interested in the St stephens area...Why you think!! well I use to work down Spring st,At Hothem Electrical which was between Northern Dairy and Hull truck..I left in !973.Anyone remember Suzi Quatro playing at the Truck?? I had my fairwell drink with the lads before I joined the raf at I think it was the Star and Garter on St Stephens Sq.... Anyway I am really interested in local historical stuff,,,old maps ,local industriesy anything really,,is there anyone out there,or am I talking to myself


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                          Hello lipsee.

                          Very quiet on here. Threads seem to get a lot of views, but few people are posting. I am nowt do with the site, just another user of the forum, though I do hope that it will pick up.

                          St Stephen's Square long gone: shopping precinct there now.

                          A few years ago, a friend loaned me their collection of rail photos of yesteryear in hull: tie up with the port, fishing, the bridges, marshalling yard, and the history of Hull's own Railway (Hull -Barnsley) all very fascinating.

                          It would be wonderful if people could share this sort of stuff online, so I do hope people decide to make something of this site.

                          Good luck with your endeavours.
                          • Failure is not an option. It comes bundled with your Microsoft product.


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                            Priscus,,I did not know that there was some kind of fruit and veg market down Park st,,seems a funny place for it,I would have thought it all around Humber st area..As a side note there use tobe a brillant chippy down Londesbough st,,As an a apprentice I spent many dinner breaks buying for 10/15 blokes!!!