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  • St. Stephen's Church

    St. Stephen's Church was built 1845 some 167 years ago , it was demolished in 1957
    and left as St.Stephen's Square . The Site ultimately became St. Stephen's Shopping
    Centre more recently. Do we know if there is any Plaque , Logo , Inscribed Stone or
    Sculpture within the Shopping Centre denoting that this was the site of St. Stephen's
    Church . It was to the left of Park Street , opposite another old Church which became
    the Headquarters of 1369 Squadron Air Training Corps .The whole area was adjacent to
    Hull Corporation Field . Does anyone remember The Hull Police Force doing Foot Drill
    on there. How many more buildings are there in Hull which are still in one piece but not
    listed , yet old enough or have enough character to be listed .

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    Keep these posts up Terry. I know hullian isn't the only one who is interested in your posts, I always have a quick read.

    I love old buildings although I never chase up my thoughts and find out what buildings or areas used to be. I Only today I was looking at the silted up dry docs near Wilberforce House and wondering what a different place it used to be.

    I also have wondered how St Stephens got it's name and now I know.

    Think most of old town should be listed if it isn't already. There is an old building down Sculcoates which is now a wood yard always surprises me. Cant make my mind up if it was a church or music hall/ cinema type affair.

    I also love the old bank across the road from Aldi/ Hein Gericke with the clock tower is amazing. It would be a shame if that was left to ruin.


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      where do you draw the line ?

      Should Northern Foods office block have been retained ? or was it progess for them to bugger of to leeds & get a shopping centre instead ?


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        St. Stephen's Church

        St. Stephen's Church was built in 1845 - 167 years ago , it was demolished 1957
        and left as St. Stephen's Square . The site became St. Stephen's Shopping
        Centre more recently. Do we know if there is any Placque , Logo , Inscribed
        Stone or Sculpture within St. Stephen's Centre denoting that this was the Site
        of the Original Church . It was just to the left of Park St if you are facing the
        flyover and opposite another church which at one time was the H.Q. of 1369
        Squadron of the Air Training Corps. It is also adjacent to what was Corporation Field ,
        any one remember The Hull Police doing their Footdrill on there ?

        Terry .
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          I'm afraid I can't help with your query Terry, but I thought you might be interested in this aerial photograph of the west of Hull City Centre from 1925. Ste Stephen's Church is clearly visible in the bottom right of the photograph, and the relative size of the buildings around it show how large the church really was.


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            I saw the photos on the BBc website but it looked like it was down from over use, suppose the BBC have generated alot of interest in it.

            Least your link worked. I think it's amazing how much it's all changed. Hull was a different city back then!


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              St Stephen'S Church

              Thank you so much Dave for taking the time and trouble to show the map .
              I see the Church clearly. - One reason I was interested is that I was
              christened there back in 1930, also of course it seemed a shame that such
              a lovely Church was demolished - to finish up as a Shopping Center .
              Until recently when the Hull Forum seemed rather to fall apart, I was trying
              hard to put Kingston Upon Hull on the map via The Forum . Apart from
              a number of posts and Blogs I have put on The Forum , you will see - if you
              have an interest , a memo on The Internet under the heading " Harvatt a
              little bit of Hulls History " and a Blog on The Internet headed
              " , both of these as well as the Hull Forum
              Posts go back to around 1100 AD .

              Kind regards Terry Busby .


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                St. Stephen's must have been the tallest building Hull ever had. Correct? That's really quite an inspiring spire, which is what spires are for, after all...


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                  Tardum , Never yet found anything in print to confirm what we both seem to think , that
                  St,Stephen's Church was the tallest building in Hull . I still think it could have been .


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                    Soon the tallest building in hall will be the new hotel and conference centre. I must say that I'm not happy with this... thing.
                    I hope it will bring new jobs at least.


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                      Hi timme , I agree , The government and councillors are always
                      preaching to us about the number of jobs these buildings will bring
                      but you know, they are only temporary, whilst the buildings go up
                      and then we are down to a fraction of that . What real difference
                      will it make to our 10% unemployed . Add to that , who uses these
                      hotels we keep building ?


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                        are you believing the shite in the HDM ?


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                          Not to mention, a hotel provides a handful of well paid jobs for administrative staff, several decently paid jobs at the supervisory level, and a whole whack of minimum wage stuff --changing bed linens, laundry, cleaning, kitchen help. Is a lot of that being done by documented (or undocumented) foreigners, as it usually is in the States? I imagine that would be largely Poles, in Hull's case. Money that gets sent home, and in the States would be virtually untaxed in the first place. Well, at least they buy groceries and pay rent locally.

                          Hotels bring some extra foot traffic to --whom? Mostly local restaurants--again, do foreigners dominate in the kitchens?

                          Hotels bring in more people for business conferences, many of which are held at--the hotels. This provides some extra jobs, but again a little administrative and a lot of minimum wage. Same result.

                          Hotels just never seem to fulfill the hype, do they?


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                            never happen......


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                              terrywit - that is a brilliant photo - well done