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Thornton Estate to become Controlled/Mews Parking

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  • Thornton Estate to become Controlled/Mews Parking

    As of early May 2014 The Thornton Estate is to become a controlled parking Estate, Which is essentially an extension to the Zone B area. Although there is a 2 hour parking limit in certain areas now, The Full Zone will stretch from Ferensway to Rawlings way and from Anlaby Road to Hessle Road encompassing roughly 2200 homes.

    The Cul-de-Sacs/Mews on the Estate will be for Residents only , apart from Sundays.

    Since we get a lot of Hospital workers and Visitors parking on the Estate , There are probably some who visit the Hull Forum who would welcome the heads up


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    this interests me...
    first off - im guessing thats great news for residents
    who find the estates basically become a car park

    just out of interest though- how is the residents only
    thing going to be implemented?
    will ressies be issued with a pass, and is it free- or
    will you be charged?
    I don't suffer from insanity.
    I enjoy every minute of it...


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      It's been received with mixed feelings T.B.H, All stemming from, as you say, the Estate becoming an Overspill Car park ( Hull Royal Infirmary to be exact )and inconsiderate parking ( across Gate entrances and garages ).

      Yes, Residents will have to apply for a pass at a cost of 7.50 per Car per year, Which to be fair is great as it means we can get parked , Also the usual scratch cards can be bought for visitors, I'm not sure what the price of those are yet though.


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        as i thought-

        this is the system weve been threatened with on
        my street.
        im not at all impressed, as i was told that for each
        pass, a registration number has to be provided.

        as i personally dont drive, but my boyfriend does,
        i asked 'someone in the know' if i would be able to
        apply for a pass for him.
        the problem is, hes a car collector and doesnt
        always come in the same car-
        which means we would have to use the scratchcard
        system for every night he visits me here
        I don't suffer from insanity.
        I enjoy every minute of it...


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          The residents on this estate can apply for a parking permit that isn't restricted to any particular Vehicle. We received a letter informing us about this just last week.


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            is it at the residents discretion as to which
            vehicle the pass is used on?
            that would be a lot better and fairer if so--
            at the end of the day you can only display a
            pass on one vehicle at a time cant you!

            im already feeling pretty victimised round here-
            all the private home owners have had dropped
            kerbs installed (effectively reserving a parking
            space even when theyre not home) and im the
            only house in the whole street who didnt already
            have offroad access!!
            I don't suffer from insanity.
            I enjoy every minute of it...


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              From what i understand of the letter, Residents reg numbers will be on the permits for their car/s, But because some residents felt that the cost of the scratch cards may lead to hardship, They can apply for another permit, So rather than have a specific reg number on it , it will have the name of the residents close/court/mews and can only be used by visitors to that household down that close/court/mews.

              I think you can only display one pass per car for the zone you live in. When i visit my parents i have to display a visitors pass that has their zone area on it.


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                Hi Issi-noho , welcome from me , I hope you have an enjoyable stay .


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                  Originally posted by terry busby View Post
                  Hi Issi-noho , welcome from me , I hope you have an enjoyable stay .
                  Hi Terry thanks for the welcome, I've not been about much lately, Work , kids n stuff. Anyhow just a quick update to the Zone parking on the Thornton Estate, Rumour has it it goes live this week , If that's the correct term.

                  All the appropriate signage is in place aswell as the road markings, I've never seen so many double yellow lines


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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	PICT0007.jpg
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ID:	5588Hi Issi-noho , If they are true to form , double yellows won't be something you will be short of . As you may just be able to see , the car park in my photo - it is just adjacent to the flat where I live , you won't see any double yellows or white parking guide lines and some drivers just do not seem to have the sense to park within reason as a result , or is it being just plain selfish .
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