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    heres one that me and my mum remembered the other day-
    the 'other' catalogue shop.
    I don't suffer from insanity.
    I enjoy every minute of it...


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      Local High Street Shops

      My daughter works in a local High Street DIY Shop , She opens up , does all odd jobs , serves , does the ordering , there is not enough trade to take on staff , only just breaking even , her wage is well below par . Has anyone found any sign of improvement anywhere , any signs of this government's propaganda working yet or indeed any of local councils so called efforts working . Is anyone seeing any signs of this ' feel good factor ' working . We seem to have plenty of talk from government but I honestly feel that the only sign of improvement is from midlands downwards and mainly in the south - London area . Is trade showing any nice signs of going wild andiec in your line of business ?


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        unfortunately not terry.

        infact, wage budgets are struggling which
        is leading to contract cuts.
        these wont be reversed unless our revenue

        its got so bad, im going job hunting next week.

        ps terry- quite a few threads about high street
        shops so i merged them together. just incase
        youre wondering where all these posts came from!
        I don't suffer from insanity.
        I enjoy every minute of it...


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          to be fair, i cant see a change in local
          government having any impact on jobs
          and poor wages.

          the poor performance of shops is really
          a knock on effect of the tightening on
          peoples purse strings in general.

          we see it all the time- its a normal
          occurrence nowadays for our takings to
          be down after the middle of the month,
          with a bit of an upward turn for a week
          or so thereafter. people hold on to the
          cash they have until they get paid,
          purely because they dont have the
          disposable income they once had.
          I don't suffer from insanity.
          I enjoy every minute of it...


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            I know but one can hope can't one You burn the midnight oil as well do you - and you have to work in the morning !