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The Small High Street Shop .

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  • The Small High Street Shop .

    The Smaller High Street Shop has been The Backbone of our Shopping
    for so many years . Between them they sell every type of product
    imaginable from Fish and meat to fruit and veg. clothing ,jewellery,
    tools , you name it they have it. unfortunately we are now going
    through a period when those footsteps are no longer walking over
    their door steps in enough quantity , we have shops on every main
    road and small adjacent roads . Surely our local council planning
    departments can do something in some way to stop the drift of these
    custmers over to the Supermarket type businesses on the outskirts .
    We are steadily loosing these small shops one by one down almost
    every road of any consequence . Is there anything that can be done
    does anyone think, to save many of them . These small supermarkets
    seem to be able to open anywhere , surely this can be stopped in
    some way by the Council and their Planning Departments .
    Terry .

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    The independent retailer in hull is about as popular as our whaling industry.

    BTW a full size Sainsbury' is pencilled in for east hull.


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      I think people need to support their local shops and businesses, but whilst people are prepared to travel to the larger supermarkets I can't see that happening. Also there is that much bureaucracy and red tape nowadays that it's enough to put anyone off starting there own little business or keeping one without the added problem of trying to attract custom.


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        The problem wasn't quite so bad when the big supermarkets were just on the outskirts. But they started splintering into small "local" and "express" shops, and now can be found on just about every single road.

        Obviously, these small shops can sell at the same price as the mother ships- sorry, I mean shops.

        Its all well and good saying we should support small shops, but with them being unable to compete price wise with the large names, of course people are going to go where its cheaper, simply because in this day and age, people have less money and need to economise more.
        I don't suffer from insanity.
        I enjoy every minute of it...


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          The supermarkets do deals with the council. e.g they help fund something or provide something (schools etc) to the area in return for planning permission.

          And they are not cheaper. They are full of loss leaders to draw you in. And the prices in those little supermarkets are significantly more expensive than their larger sisters. I think the internet has killed the local street but has provided better range and value, but, I know I've started to venture out again as you can't beat actually get your hands on what you want to buy.

          I think another factor is that the local traders took for granted their trade and customers. The world has moved on so much and some of the family shops haven't and so have died. Plus landlords want to charge more and more rent squeezing the profit margins.

          If you want to live cheap incorporate Aldi with your local green grocer and butcher.


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            In the area where I live, we have no local butcher/greengrocer at all. We have three small supermarkets; tesco, sainsburys and happy shopper.

            The tesco and sainsburys are MILES cheaper than the happy shopper. I never go there, its just too pricey.
            I don't suffer from insanity.
            I enjoy every minute of it...


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              Originally posted by andiec View Post
              The tesco and sainsburys are MILES cheaper than the happy shopper. I never go there, its just too pricey.
              But you don't get the plastic bag which officially marks you out as a possible special case.


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                High Street Shops

                I put a post on Facebook recently regarding The High Street Shops in Hull and trying in my small way to encourage local residents to use them a lot more , the way that I have worded it - could it be construed as advertising and therefore would it in effect be out of order . My main aim was to find some way - somehow to get more folk using the small shops again particularly as we have the 'City Of Culture Award ' coming up . I notice we are not allowed to advertise on our ' Hull Forum ' and therefore have no wish clash with any ruling . Regards Terry .


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                  i personally wouldnt consider that as advertising, terry.

                  id consider that to be taking an interest in your citys livelihood , wellbeing, employment and community.
                  I don't suffer from insanity.
                  I enjoy every minute of it...


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                    High Street Shops

                    Originally posted by andiec View Post
                    i personally wouldnt consider that as advertising, terry.

                    id consider that to be taking an interest in your citys livelihood , wellbeing, employment and community.
                    Thanks for that andiec I will bear that in mind should I think of a suitable wording to follow what I said previously .


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                      High Street Shops.

                      Would I be right in my assumption that Shops in a past era were not allowed to open up within a said distance of a shop trading in a similar product , if this is right , it does tend to make today's overall statistics look a bit odd . I feel sure that this was the case at some point during my lifetime .


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                        I do hope now that we have got past the initial stages of our ' City Of Culture Venture ' that we are not just going to sit back and let it ride , We have got to think of this as though it is say - a new business where one has to start off putting the pressure on and then keep it on , it is something that is not just for today but it has to be for tomorrow , the day after and all the days after that . Good luck to all that have made it a success so far , It would be lovely to see it continuing to be a success and really put The City Of Hull on the map . Hull City are doing a good job so far , it would be good if our City Of Culture can do a similarly good job .


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                          Following on from my last post on this subject I am concerned that Some shops are going that step further , most individual shops are having a hard time but what is troubling me now is that we are finding such things happening as - a Butcher selling wood fire logs and a Post Office selling Household Cleaning Materials , it is probably acceptable if they are some distance apart but when they are close together I think that is a bit much . I cannot see for the life of me how as the government are now intimating that High Street Business is taking a turn for the better , It is not making a deal of sense because this policy is in my opinion going to expand and we will thereby see even more shops closing .


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                            I seem to remember my dad telling me about the shop distance issue. He once said that this was true and that if I remember myself, our shopping areas i.e. Princes Avenue, Newland, Hessle Road, etc. had a variety of stores before you saw a similar outlet again up the road.

                            I believe all this has now gone out of the window due to the stranglehold from supermarkets, businesses being able to trade where they want and what they want.

                            It used to be good old Jacksons, Goodfellows, Kwik Save and that was about it.


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                              I reckon this thread could also have been a feature in the Nostalgia section too.

                              Off the top of your head, how many shops and stores can you name that have left our city centre?
                              No local shops please, just shops in 'town' which don't exist anymore.
                              They can be unique to Hull or nationwide chains. I'll begin....

                              Davis of Bond Street
                              Thornton Varley
                              Willis Ludlow
                              Greensmiths stationers
                              Dunn & Co.

                              And because I like music, a whole host of record shops:
                              Sydney Scarborough, MVC, Music Zone, Stardisc, Shakespeare Bros, Andy's Records, Tempo.