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    I still enjoy watching a good football match , but I do tend to be more selective these days . I agree , today's football is more scientific and skilled but sorry , I still like the older style - without the clipboards and plans . I used to love my football - I played for one of the leading sat. afternoon amateur league clubs and I do not remember the spitting and nose blowing that goes on today . I have kept an eye on the ' Tigers ' for years and had a period when I used to go and watch them - in the Raich Carter days with Bill Bly , Eddie Burbanks , Charlie Buchan , Neil Franklin , to name a few , then there was Wagstaff , Chilton , Houghton , Davidson , McKechnie . What I do not understand is why today there is really only one player's name I tend to remember today - that of Huddleston , then possibly Bruce because of his father . I do not think that I am much less interested in the game than I ever was - so is there something missing in Hull City or is it me after all ? Curious !

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    As much as I would like to reply knowledgeably to your post, Terry, I'm not actually in a position to do so.
    I have very little interest in football as I think the players these days are ridiculously overpaid, overwrought and have the petulant egos bigger than F1 drivers.
    I have never understood why a ball being kicked into a net is so exciting. 22 windbags kicking another windbag around a pitch. That's just my viewpoint.
    I would like also to have input about the old days of football you mention too, but I could only fumble and mumble. I'm not of an age.
    I enjoy rugby league, Hull FC, and watch it when I can on TV. I'm not massively into the game, but I have far mire respect for the players and the methods of running the game in this "man's game" than football.
    Perhaps other members can comment on your fine post more than I can, Terry. Sorry bud


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      It would not be good if we were all made the same Laurie . I agree completely with your comments about todays football and footballers , in the days I was referring to , I stand to be corrected but I believe they were only on a max of 20 per week I feel I would probably be earning about 11 - 12 per week at that time - compare that . Rugby - like you I do not have a clue .


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        I know mate. Everything is plain greed these days.
        What's Rooney on...300,000 a week?! Have these guys no conscience?
        The way I see it is that that would pay for a life saving operation for a small child somewhere.
        Everything is out of proportion. The fans know this but they are the ones who pay the footballers' wages.


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          well today it looks really bad..dont know what is happening on the pitch with our boys