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Hull City at Wembley!

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  • Hull City at Wembley!

    Todays the day-

    Hill City v Sheffield Utd in the FA cup semis!!

    how amazing would it be if they got to face
    Arsenal in the final?

    Whos lucky enough to find a tv to watch it on?!

    I don't suffer from insanity.
    I enjoy every minute of it...

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    Hi , You got your wish - well done The Tigers ! ! ! I gather you will be watching on TV !


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      Fantastic result today for City in the F.A. Cup, Although i'm not a big fan of football, Well done City.


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        nice to see you back sam

        yeah, im not a footy fan myself but i will be
        watching the final- assuming it will be shown on telly!!
        I don't suffer from insanity.
        I enjoy every minute of it...


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          It should be on either ITV or the BBC Andiec, But you never know these days, What with all the Sport Bidding wars, Hopefully be back a lot more thanks andiec


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            I never saw it on TV anywhere, I believe BT got the rights for that one!
            Not to worry, we'll see them in the final. BBC1 probably.


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              FA Cup Final.
              Might as well use the same thread as it applies due to Hull City being at Wembley again already!

              As you know I'm not a massive football fan, but I like to see my local team do well.
              For starters, they've secured a second year in the top flight. Now, bizarrely, and of a bit of a fluke, they're vying for the F.A, Cup!
              It is of course great news and although they will lose, it's a great achievement for the club and for Hull. :w00t:

              But look at the irony of it all....Hull and Rovers are playing their Derby :rugby: (decided long ago) on the same day at the same time. :nightmare:
              I don't know what to do about this. Normally I would probably go to my local and watch the rugby on the big screen. But which match will they be showing?
              And I want to see the cup final on BBC1. What a dilemma! :stupid:

              What's everybody else doing about this?


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                il be watching citys match.

                im predicting a mass exodus out of the town
                this weekend - starting tonight.

                i popped onto heron on the way home, and it
                was full of people buying packing up for
                wembley, and there was a LOT of people
                packing cars up on the way ready for take off.
                I don't suffer from insanity.
                I enjoy every minute of it...


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                  I won't be watching it, I'm working in the morning then out for the day. I'm not really a footie fan at all but wish them all the best.

                  I saw Philip Larkin in the Interchange is getting into the spirit of the match too, all dressed up in his football shirt.

                  Very good he looked too!

                  Suited him right down to the ground.

                  I did take a photo of him on my phone but somehow deleted it when I sent it to a friend.

                  I'm at the Interchange again in the morning so will take my camera this time and try take another pic.

                  Maybe he will turn out to be the lucky mascot.


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                    ha!! love it!!

                    reminds me of travelling through dunchurch
                    on a new years eve several years ago, and
                    seeing a statue of some local dignitary in
                    the village dressed is as Darth Maul from star wars!

                    towns been a wash with black and amber today.

                    im looking forward to watching it!
                    I don't suffer from insanity.
                    I enjoy every minute of it...


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                      Aw, you should have taken a pic of the Darth impersonater and posted it in Zags funny pictures thread on here.

                      Haha, just received an email from a friend in Wales. He said he saw the statue today on tv and it had scarves on now!

                      It's just as well the statue isn't made of wax or it would be melting in this hot weather.
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                        i did take some pics of it, il see if i can find it!

                        a lots happened since then- divorces and moves and such-

                        they could be anywhere! my ex hubby might still have em lol
                        I don't suffer from insanity.
                        I enjoy every minute of it...


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                          Well, I hope you do find them. I'll laugh my head off! Just have to make sure I'm not sat on a bus when I see them.


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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20140516_214348.jpg
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Size:	103.8 KB
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                            it was the only one i could find!!

                            taken from the car window as we passed-
                            not the best pic !

                            thats a bin liner wrapped round his shoulders,
                            and a kids darth maul backpack on his face!

                            its be intriguing to know how many more
                            statues around the city are wearing black
                            and amber today?

                            edit* after uploading , noticed its chopped the
                            pic in half and isnt showing the lower section!!! grrr
                            I don't suffer from insanity.
                            I enjoy every minute of it...


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                              Ha, he looks so funny!

                              I've not spotted anymore dressed up statues but did over-hear someone on the bus saying their neighbours garden gnome was decked out in a City woolly hat and scarf.