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Local football teams .

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  • Local football teams .

    This thread space always seems to look a bit bare - thought I would just
    add a few words in the hope that it might not only start it off , but
    dig out a name or two from my past - Does anyone , or rather is there
    anyone old enough to remember , anyone from the following football teams
    :- Hull Amateurs , I think we played around the late 40's , we played on
    Hull City's old ground behind Anlaby Road Circle .

    Newington Athletic , we took over Hull Amateurs Fixtures when they
    called us in one training night and sacked the lot of us for arguing ,
    we got fed up with them always changing the team around , took
    over their fixtures and won the cup .

    And Wilson Line - played in the amateur league , we beat
    Bridlington Trinity 4 - 0 in the cup once . I would love to remember
    some of the names , they are escaping me just at the moment ,
    showing my age I guess .

    And then there was Wilson Line Cricket team , we always played both
    football and cricket at Millhouse Woods Lane , Cottingham .

    Terry .

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    Local football teams

    Immedialely I came off the computer last night I started to remember names
    would you believe . :-

    Newington Athletic - does anyone remember these names or better still
    happen to be one of them . I cannot remember
    them all at the moment but here are a few .

    Terry Shaughnessey , Ken Dry , Dave King , Bob Carver , and Andy Davidson of
    Hull City used to train with us on a Sunday morning . As hull Amateurs
    Jimmy Lodge and Tommy Bleakley of Hull City used to coach us .
    Another name comes to mind Ray Giles .

    Wilson Line . - Ron Webster , Jimmy Gordon , Geoff. Windle ,
    Brian Faulkingham (in goal) , Dave Smith , Jack Brown ,
    our big centre half , Doug Bootyman , Jimmy Norris ,
    and Dave Biglin .

    A few names there - I hope not totally forgotten !

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