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Best Mobile Coverage in Hull?

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  • Best Mobile Coverage in Hull?

    Does anyone have any problem with their Vodafone signal in Hull? I for one think it's fairly dire. My contract is up soon, I've been with them for years and don't really want to go to another provider but I feel I may do this time.

    I like to take a lot of pictures when I'm out and about and can just about use a third of my battery uploading one picture whilst getting a signal. People around me upload in an instant and I'm getting frustrated with it all.

    What are your experiences with your providers signal? I'd be interested to hear from any other Vodafone users.

    Don't get me wrong Vodafone's signal can be excellent. I was in Scunthorpe one weekend and I'd thought I'd tagged onto someone's WiFi my signal flew!

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    I'm on O2 and I'm pretty impressed. I have a signal indoors nearly everywhere. My friends on 3 are not as lucky.

    I get good speeds for the internet as well although I don't get as much 3G action as I would like. I sometimes tether my phone to the laptop and the speeds and stability matched my Karoo broadband.


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      vodafone should be strong indoors just about every where?

      I use 3 & have no issues in hull with voice or data, in theory Vodafone & 02 have the best frequency to penetrate buildings, I went with 3 for an "unlimited" data however before I committed I got a PAYG sim after checking where the masts are

      As money is quite tight at the moment I'm intending to go Giffgaff when the contract is up to save a few quid unless I need to treat myself to a new handset


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        Is it Giff Gaff that uses O2's masts?


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          Thank you informed me.


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            hi, im with 3. not bad signal in town, but in house its as bad as a 56k modem, drop outs, lost signal a lot, i tether my laptop, surf the net twitter an facebook, as for streaming youtube ( forget it) or downloading, i cross my fingers and pray, i went to the ofcom website, an now i know why i get a poo poo signal, i live coltman st hessle rd area, im used to it now