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Loyal Pet Services - Dog walking, pet sitting and much more

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  • Loyal Pet Services - Dog walking, pet sitting and much more

    Loyal Pet Services provide dog walking and pet sitting and a range of pet services

    Dog WalkingWe can can visit your dog for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. We will happily take your dog around regular routes or we can mix up your dogs walks to add variety.

    Over Night Pet SittingNo need to leave your dog at the kennels or your cat in a cattery. We are fully insured to stay over night too. This enables us to keep your pets usual routines, reduces stress unlike a boarding establishment and reduces the risk of your pet contracting diseases from neighbouring animals.

    Small Pet Visits

    Loyal Pet Services come and visit your small pets such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, budgies etc. We will feed, change water & bedding and provide fuss and attention. We are also more than happy to remove mail from the letter box and open and close curtains if required.

    *Coming soon* Puppy Play Group
    Socialising your puppy from a young age can help your dog to become a friendly and accepting around other dogs & people. A confident dog does not need show aggressive behaviour. It is usually a scared or nervous dogs that can end up biting as they may not have learnt the communication skills used by dogs.We will encourage your puppy to socialise with puppies of different sizes, so it learns to be confident but also accept dogs of different sizes. Our aim will be to help develop your dogs communication skills, which will help it throughout his/hers life.We will show you natural puppy play, advise on what is good puppy play and what puppy play actions that may lead to problems in the future. Puppy socialisation can help develop many skills needed for your dogs future.

    *Coming soon* Puppy Group Walks
    A steady walk with your puppy and other owners & puppies. Our aim will be to encourage your dog to walk and experience different situations, like walking on a lead, walking around other dogs, people, crossing roads, walking in the dark and much more.
    We will help to advise you and help you to build the confidence to walk your dog in a fun puppy socialising group.
    We believe in creating a positive & fun experience for your puppy. We encourage treating your dog with rewards and treats when your puppy does well or responds to your command.

    For more information about the services we provide, please visit :