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    Hi all,

    Im pretty new to this site but I am hoping someone could help?

    Currently I am working full time in a Nursing home. While I really enjoy the job, for several personal reasons I would like to change my career. I feel it is time for a change and would really like to become a mechanic and work on repairing/restoring cars and motorbikes. My problem is that while I am creative, good with tools and have a good eye for detail, my mechanical knowledge isn't very good. I have tried to go to college to improve my knowledge and skills but due to the prices they charge for a Level 1 course (1700) and the fact they told me it wouldn't be enough to get a job I am unable to go through this route. Also, an apprenticeship is not really suitable as I have a family to support. In fact the only thing I have going for me at this time is a desire to learn and work hard.
    I was hoping that there would be someone on here who would be able to offer some advice on what I could do to try and achieve my goal or, with a huge amount of luck, is there a mechanic/someone who knows a mechanic on here who is a bit sympathetic to my situation and at least have a chat with me?
    I know I am destined to fail with this, after all, who would employ and pay someone who they would have to teach? At least I am trying, cant blame me for that right?

    Id be very grateful of any help or advice anyone could offer me,



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    As an ex mechanic I can say that the pay isn't brilliant, the working hours are long but the satisfaction can be quite high. Especially if your interested in Classics. I think that's where the real interest lies.

    Everything else is too computer related now and the big garages generally just take on young apprentices.

    I would suggest just going round the garages and asking. You can start small. I know a guy who started off changing tyres and now works in a prestigious marque as a mechanic. They provided all the training on the job,.


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      Steve, try to be friend mechanics around you, but don't show them your intention first atleast you become friends first, you might be surprised how willing some be ready to help you, that's how I learned programming, I started befriending some programmers in Facebook, and we become friends, eventually they helped me for free.
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