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The death of Hull town centre

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  • The death of Hull town centre

    More and more shops are closing in Hull it seems. It starting to look empty as adjacent shops close down. It is still a heaving place, especially on the weekend but seems fuelled by the major retailers than the smaller independents and no one really has any money. I saw another loan shop getting fitted out today, when will we ever learn.

    Do you think this we are seeing the end of Hull town shopping?

    Has the internet or the out of town shopping estates taken it's toll most?

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    costs... way too expensive to operate a store in the city center unless your already a successful chain


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      its a long time since this thread was created but id like to add to this the sorry state of princes quay!
      theres barely any shops open in there now
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        It's a depressing state of affairs when a city as big as Hull can't function as a major retail outlet isn't it?
        Though St. Stephen's appears to be thriving.

        I have noticed some more shops appearing down Whitefriargate over the past few months, mostly cheapo tat stores, granted, but there's some curious little quirky gift shops also. That's a promising sign.

        We just need a market again. Why can't Hull even manage that?
        Sadly, the answer is money.:sad:


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          whitefriargate suffered so much from the fact that it "led" to nowhere.
          with the absence of a market and a church of significant importance which is
          closed to the public most of the time, people just didnt see much reason to venture down there

          im optimistic though that more can be done to attract people to the "old town".

          one idea i suggested in a survey was to make whitefriargate a bit like yorks stonegate-
          quirky individual shops rather than duplicates of major chains

          i know kapows down there, but cant think of any more quirky gift shops?

          and one off retailers like ann summers, deichmann, bon marche-ie, not also elsewhere in town centre- are ok.
          but boots, superdrug, gregs and ee are already too widespread!!!
          I don't suffer from insanity.
          I enjoy every minute of it...


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            I think there is a combination of factors that have brought this about, and I stop here to ask myself what shops do I use in the city centre? Which areas/malls do I avoid, and why? How often do I actually need to go into the city?

            I only go to Whitefriargate if I want to go to Marks and Spencer's, because there isn't much else down there that appeals to me. I virtually never go into Princes Quay, although I used to use it quite a lot at one time. I loved that quirky top deck, with all the different stuff they had up there. Prospect centre is in an area that I don't really frequent. St Stephen's is handy when you are going to town by bus, so that gives it a boost.

            I tend to support local, independent traders as much as I can. I am not far from Anlaby village, or the retail park. I do a lot of online shopping, probably the same as many other people. I simply don't need to go into town any more unless I am doing some serious clothes or shoes shopping, but that isn't very often these days. Sad, but true


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              i see the town centre as much more than just a place to shop.
              its such a shame that when people dont go to town, they miss out on so much history, art, architecture, culture.

              the irony is that only by making more of the non-retail aspects
              ie, museums, galleries, etc etc, that the whitefriargate situation will improve.

              incidentally, were always busier down there when its the monthly market.
              I don't suffer from insanity.
              I enjoy every minute of it...


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                Yes, I agree, the town centre is indeed not just a place to shop, and perhaps that is the direction to go. We have far too many shops, and they can't all thrive, so we can make the town more attractive by concentrating on its assets such as the beautiful buildings it has, museums, the deep. Create some family centres with activities, and lovely places to just sit and enjoy. I read recently they are giving Queen's Gardens a make over. I always think how lovely it is when I walk through there and never realised it needed a make over. Perhaps I will be suitably impressed by its new look! There's that new band stand there- does anyone actually ever do anything in it? Just wondering...


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                  Take a look at places like york, Chester, Whitby, All smaller than Hull yet all thriving with no or little promotion. What do they all have in common? Small independent retails in small shops turning over 100s if not 1000s a day. However they also have heritage and history. Hull dose to an extent but we are not making the most of it. We are now seeing signs that were doing things to tackle the decline but lets just hope its not too late. Tidy the area around the deep up, no wonder people want to get out their cars then straight back in them again. Ill finish my rant off tomorow. Night folks.


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                    Having lived in Scarborough/ Whitby I think the only way they are still afloat is due to parking charges and tickets.

                    I think Hulls problem is as you say we are not exploiting our Heritage, although getting the City Of Culture is a start I still feel that the rest of the country is against us and we have alot of work to do before we stop being the brunt of jokes etc and get the funding and services we deserve. For example we still dont know if were getting an electrified railway which would boost trade and visits. I always ask myself what made them think to stop the motorway at North Cave, was Hull not worth the extra few miles?

                    Only then will our city trade boost and start to regain the life it once had. More independents I cry, lets get back to old values and shopping.