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Siemens in Hull - good news!

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    and dont forget all the local councillors and
    people who have worked hard getting it all off the

    ive heard about several this morning on my facebook!
    I don't suffer from insanity.
    I enjoy every minute of it...


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      It's good news all round, and those people who have done all the groundwork will hopefully be rewarded, not just the top dogs who reap the glory.


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        I have just returned from the local shops , during which I called in to the News Agent to have a look at front pages of all available newspapers , Did not see a mention of Siemen's coming to Hull . I bought the Daily Express and The Hull Daily Mail looked right through the Express and did not notice a mention , but The Hull Daily Mail gave it a good headline splash right over the front page bless their hearts . It does tend to lend it'self to my point of having a councillor to be responsible for the publicity of Hull area ? Now let's keep the pressure on all round ! !
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          Siemen's Contract .

          Click image for larger version

Name:	BjlXNxRCUAEgaKJ.jpg
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ID:	5578David Cameron in Hull for the signing of the Siemen's contract - That looks like Alexandra Dock in the background - Thank you Mr Cameron for your efforts in bringing this contract to the people of Hull - A Marvelous achievement ! !


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            OK It looks like I am wrong, but I am pleased that it finally is going to be built. But it does beg the question?Why do we need a German firm to do a job that Britain should be doing for itself?What happened to all the entreponeurs that made us the greatest manufacturing nation in the world?Even the Allams of Hull are Edyptians!!!where are the Reckitts the Ferens the Ranks and many others who made Hull great? No, we have to grovel to a German company to get things done.It makes me despair of the future for our young people.


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              when i read back through previous comments,i did
              wonder what your thoughts would be on it Jim!!

              i personally dont mind where the company is from
              as long as the workforce is employed from people
              who live in the uk.
              we can bemoan the loss if british industry but it
              doesnt take away from the fact that a lot of people
              will gain employment from this contract.

              i work for a german firm. makea no odds to me. lol
              I don't suffer from insanity.
              I enjoy every minute of it...