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    Psi Hull is currently looking for sponsors and would like to offer you and your company a unique opportunity to support us on this exciting venture into the paranormal as events.
    We are one of Hulls only team of paranormal scientific investigation working as Non Profit !

    What can you offer us?

    We currently need to raise a total of 3000 to successfully purchase our flagship vehicle to travel and carry our team and equipment. A full breakdown of these costs can be acquired upon request from our team
    We are not looking purely for financial support but are also interested in equipment and clothing supplies as well . If you believe you have something to offer to Psi Hull, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities further.We are happy to have more then one sponsor at a time , you do not have to reach the needed target alone.To be one of our sponsors please contact us without hesitation.

    What can we offer you?

    • Increased brand recognition
    • Local and National Media Exposure

    Please contact our main site via

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    What makes you a non profit? what is the community benefit?


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      Hi, bt. MrSeptic (tardum--spell it backward) here to help.

      I believe that the 'flagship vehicle' they seek is a completely clapped out Vauxhall Corsa. You know how paranormal investigations can be... even a really old one can take those tight turns at the end of a close without forcing the driver to rely on dodgy anchors for a slow down...

      As for 'clothing and supplies'... well, after splurging on the PsiMobile, I can imagine that they might find the odd sweater and cuppa hot chocolate welcome.

      And don't feel too targeted for a donation!! I mean, being the first one to blow the dust off and all...

      If you're feeling a bit put off about 'local and national media exposure', I'll do what I can on this side of the pond for that international pizzazz...