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Is it worth becoming a taxi driver in Hull?

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  • Is it worth becoming a taxi driver in Hull?

    I need a new job and as you could imagine not having alot of luck.

    Heard a few years ago taxiing was a decent money maker, is it still profitable?

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    What about private hire like airport runs or corperate hire, etc?


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      yeah ive onsidered that. Just the cost of purchasing your initial vehicle and keeping it going until i startbreaking even.

      I was thinking taxi more of a little earner that could be done on the side, got the forms now :0


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        To many drivers not enough customers. We're in a recession. The only people who are getting taxi's are those who dont have a choice.
        Wrong City, Hull is too small, unilke Manchester, were it would be worth getting a taxi if you needed to get to the other side of the city center.
        Rising Fule prices and so on.
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          im with redhotsocks. Hull is small and i should think most money is made on a night. Doesn't seem to be a shortage of cabs except on special days.


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            I was taxi driving in 2007 but it wasn't in Hull

            It is not a job you can do on the 'side'. In most areas you have to pass a knowledge test, CRB and even NVQ's, not sure this is the case.

            Insurance is not cheap, fuel, hire of radio and other costs you wouldn't even think of.

            I did ok but only because the firms owner had a strong client base for contract work.

            Some days I worked 18+ hours, which will soon be illegal as new measures to stop this are likely to come in.

            It can be a good job but you need the right firm or find a client base to serve if you go it alone!


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              I knew there was a test. Do the majority of drivers forget as soon as they put their plates on? Their driving is not up to standard at times. I was hit by a taxi driver, who admitted not giving way. His defence was I drive all day so I know best.

              Taxi drivers should be on tacho's I think. Why can a truck driver work up to 10 hours yet taxi drivers can work all the time and are responsible for carrying passengers!

              I've got a couple of friends that do OK out of it but I wouldn't want someone throwing up in my car!


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                Originally posted by bernard
                I think now a days drive a taxi is not a profitable source. I suggest you that if popup are have a good communication skills then you should join call center.Call center is a good source of earn a reasonable money.

                I agree with you and that driving a taxi is not more profitable and it didn't give the more earning to get.
                The communication field must can be helpful for you but you have to struggle enough for it.
                Network communication has made the revolution in our lives and made the world a global village.

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