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  • Annoying things thread

    There are certain things in this world which I wish were never invented. Here are a few:-

    1) Those hateful little plastic tags they put on things like pairs of new socks. You snip one end off, and the other buries itself in the fabric ready to stab you when you least expect it.

    2) Modern light bulbs. It is almost impossible to find one that A) fits your lamp, and B) gives enough light to do anything meaningful. Better off with candles.

    3) Why are the words “shampoo” and “conditioner” written in letters so small, you have to wear your damn glasses in the shower to see what you are putting on your hair? Unbelievable, that one. I no longer keep Ajax All Purpose Cleaner With Bleach within arm’s reach of the shower cubicle.

    4) The stupid key you get to open a tin of corned beef. Why not just put it in a normal ring pull can?

    5) The little red card the postman puts through the door when you were out and he tried to deliver a parcel. The sight of that on my mat is enough to drive me mad. Especially as I am usually in the garden pegging out washing, or in the loo. You wait 48 hours, drive to the mail depot to collect it, drive home and what do you find on the mat? Another bl***y red card. :w00t:

    Please feel free to add some more!

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    I'll have to have a think of some.
    I agree with all your niggles, Colly.

    Also, bags of pasta. Why are they designed NOT to open at the edges??! Instead in a bizarre double-pinch way at both sides so it goes everywhere and can't be sealed properly.
    Stupid Italians!


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      i rarely get annoyed by much

      although the way cilla black says the word "behind" in that insurance ad
      really winds me up
      I don't suffer from insanity.
      I enjoy every minute of it...


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        From my way home tonight..

        People who don't go when the filter comes on at the traffic lights your stuck for another light cycle.


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          in a similar vein-

          when your waiting to cross a busy road several lanes wide,
          and one 'kind' person stops and waves you across.....
          totally ignoring the traffic flying down the other lanes who ARENT

          derringham street on spring bank is one such example.
          I don't suffer from insanity.
          I enjoy every minute of it...


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            Oh gosh yes, I have nearly been run over a few times like that! My pet hate while driving is people stopping on box junctions and blocking the way out of side streets. They can't get anywhere, but won't let you out either.


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              People with Umbrellas, As i'm Over 6ft tall , Obviously some people aren't , so i tend to get poked in the head quite a lot, They hold them fairly high above their heads aswell , Really winds me up that does


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                another thread has just reminded me of quite
                possibly my BIGGEST pet peeve of all time!!

                its when people say "Haitch".
                as in the letter H.

                the SOUND of the letter is an aspiration. 'H'.
                however, the NAME of the letter is Aitch.
                with NO aspirated H at the beginning!!!

                it isnt HAITCH!! ITS AITCH.
                I don't suffer from insanity.
                I enjoy every minute of it...


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                  Yes I do not believe that this happens but it does , I have even heard presenters on the TV do this - I do not profess to be perfect but I do try . It would be interesting to make notes of these when we hear them and see what turns up , there must be quite a lot !