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seasons- theres FOUR not TWO!!!

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  • seasons- theres FOUR not TWO!!!

    Grr, this is the time of year when I start to get really aggravated by annoying people who a) don't understand that there's not just summer and winter and b) think weather should always match the seasons.I HATE it when its still bloody winter, but we get a couple of days of sunshine, and folk start spouting on about how "summers here"- err, NO, we've got to have bloody spring yet!!!! And they do the same in september/october- we get a relatively cooler day, maybe a little bit of rain, and all of a sudden its flippin winter. Grrrr!!!Or, another thing, is when the 'official' first day of summer arrives, and people are annoyed cos its not red hot and sunny. Its like OH MY GOD nature doesn't take notice of the dates on a calendar!!!I'm a real seasonal pedant, and anyone who states something wrong about the seasons etc on facebook usually get a good tongue lashing off me!
    I don't suffer from insanity.
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    And we are slowly creeping into Spring. I've noticed throughout the years that the seasons have moved a month or two. When I was at junior school, returning after school holidays was the start of the bad weather. Now the warmer summer weather lasts much later in to the year. Tell you what, whatever season it is, it was bloody cold today and I saw at least two people in shorts and t shirts! Get a grip!


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      Ok, time for me to have a follow up rant. It was inevitable, of course, because there's been a change of temperature....

      Just read this on a friends facebook;
      "Winter is back, get your thermals out"

      OH MY GOD. How grossly over acting is that!? First of all, its spring, and this is TYPICAL spring weather.
      The weather we have had over the last week was very UNtypical.

      But no... Silly people seem to think that last week was the start of a glorious summer that was going to last all year, and now the temps dipped a bit, they are thrown into confusion!!
      Oh no!! What's going on?? Where's summer!? Its back to winter!! Oh noooo!!! Were going backwards!!! The earths spinning the wrong way!!! Were upside down in space!!!!!!


      As I pointed out to my friend, this is march. We traditionally EXPECT wind in march. Tomorrow is april. We traditionally EXPECT showers in april.

      Get your head around the fact that its neither summer OR winter.....

      Its SPRING!!!!! GAAAHHHH!!!!!!

      Can you tell I get exasperated?
      I don't suffer from insanity.
      I enjoy every minute of it...