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If You Could Change Britain's Judicial System

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  • If You Could Change Britain's Judicial System

    We all know Britain's judicial system is a joke don't we? Or maybe you think it's fine as it is?

    Judges have to follow guidelines, but if you had the chance to rewrite them, what would you change, add or delete?

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    i think overall our system is good, better than some countries. but the amount of money it costs to take anything to court is to expensive. you have to be rich or receive legal aid to be able to do anything. if your getting by like most of people its to expensive to do.


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      I'm having issues with my landlord. And I visited CLAC (Community Legal Advice Centre) and I was well impressed. Still on with things but initial contact was very good. We'll see how we get on. So there is some good free help out there. Although be prepared to wait.

      I'd like to see a more even sentencing regime without swamping the system with legislation and guidelines. If that is possible? It amazes me how lax some sentences are for serious crimes and how hard the system falls on cases were you would expect a shorter term.

      I'd also like them to realise banning people from driving, when, they are in fact driving a stolen car with no licence in the first place!


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        retrospective death sentence, if the perp is serving say 10yrs or more the victem / their family could be a token fee & have the perp swing from a jibbet....

        fees awarded to a succesfull claiment as paid by the court & in turn the court peruses the defendant for the money ( I understand the ROI do this?)


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          Compared to a lot of countries, our system here is way too soft on crime.
          I would never personally advocate the return of capital punishment- I don't agree with the whole 'eye for an eye' thing- but I do think more emphasis needs to be on 'punishment', because its swung too far in the way of 'rehabilitation'. There needs to be a proper balance.

          Also, I think the focus has shifted onto the financial cost of justice. There's too much 'spot fining' nowadays, and its all with the aim of raising finances, not reducing offences.
          If It wasn't, we wouldn't see silly cases in the papers like 'elderly woman fined for dropping thread off her gloves'.

          There are cases obviousley where community service is a valuable learning tool for certain people, but it HAS to come with an element of punishment and reflection on the crime. Otherwise, if its just treat like a few hours jolly each week, its pointless.

          I wrote an analogous blog about this somewhere.... I'll post it here in my blogs later.
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          I enjoy every minute of it...


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            What would I change? Simple. Reinstate the Doctrine of the Separation of Powers!


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              If you could change Britain's Judicial System ?Five

              Five superb answers , You have left me flummoxed , I can only
              say that I feel if most of the ' Red Tape ' was removed it
              would give all of your suggestions an opportunity to be
              realised !
              Terry .


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                Message to moterator

                Hi there my names kirstie....just posted about truth juice.....this is a genuine group that wants to help the people of Hull deal with there debts...hope it ok xxx thankyou xxxx