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Russel Brand?? Arthur?? Did i see that right?

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  • Russel Brand?? Arthur?? Did i see that right?

    Tell me its not true! Did I realy see that right Just seen an add for the re work of Dudley moore Classic Aurthur. Arthur played by Russel Band.

    The word has gone effin MAD
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    Not seen it as yet. Will keep a look out. lol Random guy he is. Cant think of another world famous cockney though.


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      I think it could be rather cool but i don't reckon it'll be as good as the original


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        Dont get me wrong Russel Brand is one of the funniest men on the planet. Been to see him doing his stand up twice. Its just the remaking of of great films that annoys me.
        Im not sure but I think its got a bit more of a "PC" slant to it. In the original He befriended and fell in love with kleptomaniac Hooker. In this rework she's a School teacher??
        The original defined the time's. Financial boom and living to excess. We are stuck in a recession, dont know if they worked that into the film?
        Only one thing for it.. I better go see the bloody thing.
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          he is funny.. i thought klepto hooker would be right up Brands street

          Now you've brought it to my attention i see it everywhere grrrrrrr

          Do think he has been heavioly airbrushed though


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            @Hullian <<lol Random guy he is.>>

            First his wife leaves him, saying she's 'married to a crazy man'. Now this:


            Ahh, right you are, Russie...
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              he is a wild one aint he still cant believe h landed her as a wife in the first place


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                remade film are shite,

                eg get carter

                1971 Cain chucks Alf Roberts of multistory car park.
                2000 Rocky Balboa mubles about stuff....


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                  I agree in a lot of cases!

                  One that always bugs me is "the nutty professor".
                  In the original, he's very nutty indeed. In the remake, he's just a fat guy.

                  Ok.. So what's being 'fat' got to do with being 'nutty'?!
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                  I enjoy every minute of it...


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                    Fat? Pretty average by Yankee standards I'd say


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                      Originally posted by ZaGsTaR View Post
                      Fat? Pretty average by Yankee standards I'd say

                      Average for Wisconsin, tho'...


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                        As I was saying about Wisconsin...


                        I'm just amazed that he only weighs 25 stone!! What a lightweight to be making such news!!