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  • Karoo and Broadband

    Hmm top package paid.....

    speedtest = under 1mb.. awesome. not


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    i have the same package,

    get faster internet in my van off my sim card,

    total pants


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      As much I cant stand KC and the strangle hold they have over this great city of ours I have to say that the speeds I get here in Hessle are as good as I get anywhere. Although I dont do a great deal of downloading of movies. There may be some good news on the horizon though. An alternative to KC and Karoo
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        To be fair, I play alot of XBOX and my uploads are reasonably stable.

        I get a few connection drop offs etc but touch wood its been OK lately. Cant wait for optics to be installed round here. Be nice to have some good TV/phone packages too.


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          My brother pays for the 30.00 per month package and is meant to have anywhere between 2-8 gig download speed.....he only gets 400mbs this is outrageous.
          Im going to call them and tell them to speed it up at their end.


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            ive never really noticed a diffrence when they say they changed settings. still cant always watch programs in high def and you tube is slow


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              I can download a film in about 20 minutes. . . . i don't think my connection speed is that bad, but it is definitely a lottery. I've moved 3 times in the past 4 years and this is the fastest i've had! It would be good to see a new company coming in though, Sky if possible! I have the full TV package, but it wouldn't be that much different if i added u/l Internet and calls!! urghhh! until that point i'll just keep throwing 40 a month at KC. Buggers


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                I've never had a problem with Karoo and have always been satisfied with their service, having never had to call their customer service other than to upgrade my service to the top package. Most peoples problems with Karoo stem from their own ignorance and lack of computer and set up skills anyway. I for one am looking forward to their impending fibre roll out. Bring it on!


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                  is there anyway to make it faster? mybe ive not set it up right?