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Which products do you swear by?

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  • Which products do you swear by?

    Is there a product which you swear by? It just works so well you stick to it?

    Some products seem to establish themselves as the 'the one to have' and a bit lifestyle and aspirational, I'm thinking Maldon sea salt for example but to be honest I do like that salt and now don't really consider anything else if it is stocked.

    But what about stuff like washing powder or toiletries? I was so impressed the first time I used Mitchum deodorant that I've never really changed since.

    Over pride seems to clean in a way other products don't (or so the wife tells me, joke!)

    Products of all sorts promise us 'best ever' and 'new and improved' blah blah blah, I switch from product to product, some are better than others, most are pretty much the same so come on, what have you used that you just thought 'wow, that's so much better than the stuff I've used in the past' and have just stick with?

    I'm mainly talking about regular consumables, the kind of stuff you get at the supermarket but open to anything you feel warrants a mention.
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    I had to think hard about this one as I swap and change all the time. The one product I've stuck with for years is the vanish liquid in the pink bottle. Oh and Dove soap!


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      Interesting thread, I always seem to think that most products are very similar these days. I usually buy the cheapest possible, Im a Yorkshireman after all. Especially products with active ingredients, i just check they share the same amounts before purchase. I dont feel a "brand" is better then a generic.

      I know that items for cars for example have only one maker and then that item is re branded to different markets. ie that budget oil filter/ battery is the same as the expensive dealer part.

      Although the L'oreal antiperspirants for men are the best ever, have I just admitted I stink? lol


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        Just as zagstar said most of the products seem to be same and many of us tend to go for cheapest possible product out there. I tried thinking very hard but could not come up with a product that i am using up till now. always comfortable in trying new, cheap things.
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          Sudocrem all the way. I use it nearly everyday and no, not on babies bums!

          It's a life saver for the skin and better than any expensive crap I've ever used.