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Having to put a pet to sleep....any advice?

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  • Having to put a pet to sleep....any advice?

    Today I made the decision to speak with my vet about having our 14 yr old Lab put to sleep. Some of you may have read in the past how we were told 4 yrs ago that our family pet had a mass tumour and the prognosis was that she had 2 months to live.
    However the illness never took a grip (thanks to the obvious great work the surgeon did in removing the whole tumour) and our dog has been with us ever since, and been spoiled rotten.

    However, time waits for no man (or dog), and old age has finally caught up with her. As well as being partially blind and deaf, she struggles quite a bit with joint pains. A recent, unexplained, bout of sickness has had my wife and I finally deciding that her quality of life is not what it should be. Today I decided to speak with the vet, and she agreed.

    This coming Friday the vet will come to the house and I'm now in bits thinking have we done the right thing. Our family pet has been with us for most of our married life, and seen each of our 3 children grow up. We'll be breaking the news to them this evening.

    Can anyone who's been in a similar situation give any advice as to how to best deal with the whole process, from telling the children, to what we should do in the coming days and then on Friday when the inevitable will happen.
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    I had an hamster pts a couple of months ago due to him developing "Cushings Disease" which although is manageable in humans is incurable in hamsters and that was bad enough.

    I've never had experience of having a dog pts so can only say my thoughts will be with you on friday.


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      I had an experience a few years ago which was very similar. Our Alsatian reached about 15 when she was struggling to get up and would sit and cry at the bottom of the stairs because it was too painful for her to walk up them. She also starting losing control of her bowels and just seemed so sad. She was with me from such a young age and I was devastated. I remember my mum telling me how she would sit by my cot and growl at anyone that came near it who wasn't my mum or dad. She was part of the family. The vet told us the she was probably in a lot of pain and the only reason dogs hold on so hard is because of their humans. They don't want to leave them and for me, that was what made it ok. She was struggling and I wanted her to know that she didn't have to fight for us anymore because we would always remember her & all the happiness she brought us.

      You have made that dogs life and they have made yours, the easiest way to think about it is that you're doing for them what they can't do for themselves. They can't tell you that they're struggling, but they are. You need to make sure that dog is happy and comfortable, hell even give her a piece of chocolate and a burger. Give her all the cuddles and all the kisses and remember all the great times that you've had with her. 14 is an amazing age and just think how happy you've made her in that time. I hope that you get through this as I know how devastating it can be. Also, don't let it put you off getting another animal, the pain you are feeling now is nothing compared to how much happiness that lovely dog has brought you over the years.