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  • Please fill out dissertation survey!

    Hi guys! Yeah I know, Surveys are so fun. I'm doing a dissertation on animal experimentation that's due in April so if you can take the time to fill out this survey I'll be really grateful! It is also anonymous and open to all age groups. And if you want to leave feedback, feel free to!

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    Hello Victoria , I have dropped you a line and apologise in advance for not
    replying to your request to complete a survey , it is not that I do not want to
    it is just that I am not really familiar with animals to the extent of ever having
    owned one and more to the point I am not familiar with animal experimentation.
    I have really replied because I have just come back into The Hull Forum after
    being out of it for well over a year and I would like it to take off again , I did
    spend a lot of time on board then and it would be nice to see it flourish once
    more .
    I look forward to talking again ( not with any friendship ideas in mind I add ) ,
    I am now in my 80's . Kind regards , Terry .